Course tools & materials#

You will need access to the following:#

  1. Computer — You will need to have access to a computer for this course. It can be your own personal computer or a university computer, but you must be able to install software on the computer. If possible, I recommend bringing a laptop to class so that you can follow along with the in-class demonstrations.

  2. D2L — I will use D2L regularly to send out announcements, upload course materials, and post grades. Be sure you have your email preferences set up so that you get the appropriate alerts. D2L will also be used for assignment submissions.

  3. Python

    • We will use the Python programming language for quantitative exercises, projects, and assignments.

    • We will use Visual Studio Code in this class to write our Python code. You may download the software here:

    • We will use the Anaconda software as well. This software will give us access to Python and the packages that we will use. You may download it for free at Be sure to install Python 3.9.

Not required, but potentially helpful:#

If you come to class, take notes, and participate, you don’t need to purchase the book(s).

  1. BookWSJ Guide to Information Graphics

  2. BookStorytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals