I wasn’t able to make it to class. Did I miss anything?#


If you missed a quiz, see below. If there was not a quiz on that date, then be sure to read through the slides/materials and get notes from a classmate. In either case, be sure to regularly check the class calendar, daily log, and D2L for updates.

I won’t be in class at a future date. What do I need to do?#


First of all, thank you for letting me know. I always appreciate advance notice instead of telling me after the fact.

If the date you will miss is one where we have a quiz, then you will need to make it up and provide me with documentation for the absence. If there is not a quiz on that date, then be sure to read through the slides or materials, and get notes from a classmate. In either case, be sure to regularly check the class calendar, daily log, and D2L for updates.

Assignments & quizzes#

I missed class on a day we had a quiz. What do I do?#


If it was a university-approved absence or other personal absence (see here), then you will need to provide me with documentation in order to make up the quiz at a future date. If it is not an approved absence, then you will not be able to make up the quiz. Fortunately though, the lowest quiz score is dropped.

My group member is not contributing. What should I do?#


My policy is to grade a group project as a whole, with each group member earning the same score. Unfortunately, people do not always pull their own weight in the group. If you have not already talked to the group member about it, then I recommend you do so. If you have already spoken to them and tried nudging them into adequately contributing, then my advice for you is to not work with them on future projects.

I don’t know what to do for this question/example#


This is not a great way to ask for help. A better way would be to explain your thought process and the things you have already tried. Additionally, be as specific as you can about the particular aspects you’re struggling with.

Go back to the slides and read through the section where we covered that topic. Go back through your own notes to see if we had an in-class discussion about it. If it is related to python, go back through the tutorial and/or example code and try to replicate some of the examples.

A specific example of a bad way to ask:
I can’t figure out how to calculate the WACC. What should I do?

A specific example of a better way to ask:
I am a little confused about the WACC calculation. I know that we need to include both the cost of debt and the cost of equity, but I don’t understand where the weights for each come from. Are we using the market values of the debt and equity? Or book values? In the example we did in class, it just said value of debt/equity.


I am so close to the next letter grade. Can you just give me extra points?#


No. I do not change course requirements for individual students. If I were to simply bump you up to the next letter grade — and give you a grade you did not earn — it would not be fair to the other students.

Are there any extra credit opportunities?#


There are occasional but infrequent extra credit opportunities. If you choose to take advantage of them, that is your choice. However, I will not conjure up additional extra credit just so you can make up for points you missed earlier.


I am having trouble emailing python files#


Microsoft does not let us attach python files to Outlook emails. This is annoying, but we just have to deal with it. Fortunately, there are a variety of alternatives.
(1) If you are working on a project with group members, try placing the file in a shared Dropbox folder (or similar cloud storage).
(2) When emailing me for assistance, you could just copy/paste the code directly into the body of the email.
(3) Use a more python-friendly email provider. Unfortunately, this solution does not work if you are emailing code to me since my university email account is handled by Microsoft.

I am getting an error in Python. What should I do?#


It is almost impossible for me to diagnose the issue without knowing the details of what is going on. Please copy and paste your code into an email to me. Also include either a screenshot or a detailed description of the error you are getting. Please include other information that you think may be relevant as well. Even with this information, we may need to meet during office hours or after class so I can take a closer look at the problem.

Class has gone virtual again and I don’t have a webcam. What should I do?#


I recommend getting one as soon as you can since you will lose participation points by not having your camera turned on during a virtual class. See the class participation policies.